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Wrap a Boat with Florida Car Wrap!

Sure, we Wrap Cars, but nobody is stopping us from wrapping a boat! Come on in and watch us wrap a boat- your boat! How? how can you wrap a boat? Don’t ask- JUST BELEIVE!

That’s right, now, the same amazing stylization power that has been offered on Motor Vehicles via vinyl wraps is now available for your Marine vessels. Before we get into the details on our amazing Wraps for Boats, it probably helps to know a little bit more about what a Wrap even is! Y

Well, you probably already know what paint and painting are so that’s a good place to start. Both boats and Cars almost always come manufactured from the factory, painted in a variety of colors and styles. Traditionally when you wanted to change the color of your vehicle, you would have to paint it. Painting is a tedious process that involves sanding down the car to bare metal. then new paint is applied in several layers. After this, it is finished with clearcoats and glosses. If it wasn’t apparent, know that painting is a permanent choice. Once you paint, you’d have to go through the process again to repaint the car, costing time and money. Paint also tends to chip and dry over the years, becoming a faded representation of its past.

Unlike paint, vinyl is designed to offer you, even more, color choices and options, and believe it or not actually protect the original factory paint of the vehicle or vessel! Vinyl Wraps are applied on top of existing colors and provide protection to the factory look of the car or boat while also changing the way it looks on the outside. Our Wraps for Boats are applied using techniques that are more time consuming and require greater attention to detail than with cars. This is because boats vary in size, while 3m Vinyl wrap has a maximum size limit. This limit means special care needs to be applied to avoid creating seams when applying our Wraps for Boats.  even so, on large boats, some seams are unavoidable, though care is taken to make these seams nearly unnoticeable.

For more information on how we can help you change the style of your marine vessel or land vehicle, come on in and say hi at our Weston location or give us a call at 954-261-8151.
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