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Wraps in Weston by Florida Car Wrap

Wraps in Weston by Florida Car Wrap

Wraps in Weston Fl of all shapes and sizes, for all types of surfaces, are now available at Florida Car Wrap’s New location! Before we tell you about what we can do you for you specifically with our wraps, let’s talk a bit more about what a wrap is. Likely your already familiar with the idea of painting something to change its color. Now, we’re not referring to painting a canvas for fine art, but about painting the surface of a location, or product like a car or a building. Painting has been a great way of changing the style of a product or property you own for reasons that can be business-related, or boil right down to aesthetic preference. However, paint has its flaws, some major ones in fact. Paint is expensive- and- its permanent. Paint replaces the color you had on your property before, permanently. Additionally over time paint needs maintenance as the elements will cause it to dry, flake, and peel, like the beginning of a bad dandruff shampoo commercial! this results in paint or body repairs that can also be costly.

A Wrap is an alternative to getting your surfaces painted, and it has many benefits. Wraps are made of 3M high-quality adhesive vinyl material. Unlike paint, Wraps are applied over the existing color, and they don’t just cover it, they protect it! This means when it comes time to remove the wrap, you left with the original look of your surfaces. With that all out of the way, heres what we can do for you:

Car Wraps in Weston:
The first and by far the most widely known use for Viny wraps is on Cars. You can protect the body and stock look of the vehicle, while completely restyling it for your own purposes.

Boat Wraps in Weston:
That’s right, we do boats too! Boat wrapping is becoming more and more commonplace every day!

Architectural Wraps in Weston:
Believe it or not, Wraps for architectural structures are now something we do as well!

Custom Design:
Want your own custom design or your business’s info plastered on your car or boat? Our highly trained and experienced graphic design team can work with your ideas to really bring them to life! Advertising using a wrap is one of the best ways to get your name out there!

For more info on us, and our wraps- come on into our Weston location or give us a call at 954-261-8151.
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