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What To Know About Car Wraps Miami

Have you been researching car wraps near Miami to change the look of your car? Custom car wraps have become an extremely popular way for car and even boat owners to change, improve, and set their vehicles and vessels apart. Best of all, designing, printing, and installing a custom vinyl car wrap is the most affordable way to truly make your car unique. 

Continue reading to learn more about vinyl car wraps and how they are the better alternative to paint jobs. If you would like to learn more or speak with a professional vinyl wrap company, please contact Florida Car Wrap today. 

What Are Car Wraps?

The most common question most people have is most likely, “What are car wraps?” In general, the term “wrap” refers to a vinyl decor for the outside of vehicles.

The cut vinyl wrap decal can be placed around an object. In addition to vehicle wraps, cut vinyl decals can be used to create airplane wraps, wall wraps, boat wraps, and more. 

How Are They Made?

Car wraps in Miami are typically completed in three stages. The first stage involves designing the car wrap. This requires very specific measurements that should only be performed by an experienced vinyl installation technician.

The graphics on a vinyl car wrap are designed by a trained graphic designer. The graphic designer can help create a design or logo that will be hard to miss and that’s created based on your tastes and needs.

The second stage of car wrap installation is considered the production phase. During this stage, the vinyl car wrap has the selected graphics created and then laminated for improved longevity. 

The last stage of producing car wraps is the installation phase. The vinyl car wrap is carefully applied to the surface of the car. The technicians ensure the wrap is seamlessly applied to your vehicle with no air bubbles caught inside. 

What Is A Full Wrap And A Partial Wrap?

Two common terms you may encounter are full wraps and partial wraps. A full wrap will cover the entire car. Any vinyl wrap that covers less than that is considered a partial wrap.

Both have their advantages and different pricing. They are both made from the same reliable and durable materials. 

How Long Does The Vinyl Wrap Last?

You want to ensure that any investment in your car will have a significant lifespan. Fortunately, car wraps in Miami are designed from durable materials that can withstand the elements. A good quality car wrap installation can last anywhere from one to six years. 

It is important to ask the vinyl wrap company if their vinyl wraps are made with long life solvent ink. It should also be laminated with a protective layer that can prevent deterioration from harmful UV rays. A vinyl car wrap with these attributes should last for at least three years or longer if well-maintained. 

Does The Car Wrap Damage The Factory Paint?

A common misconception about car wraps is that they damage the factory paint job on a car. Fortunately, car wraps in Miami will not damage the paint job on most cars and boats.

By not altering the original paint job, the vinyl car wrap will not reduce the value of the vehicle. It is a good idea to discuss this with the car wrap installation company you choose to work with. 

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