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What is a Wrap? By FCW

What is a Wrap? By FCW

What is a Wrap anyway? More than any other question, this is usually what we get asked by newcomers at Florida Car Wrap! Wrapping is an alternative to painting for restyling your vehicle. Often wrapping is compared to painting, and there’s an ongoing to debate for which is the best option!

Nobody knows more about this amazing restyling process than the professionals at Florida Car Wrap in Weston Florida! If you haven’t been in on this debate, we’ll bring you up to speed with this article. First, about painting.

Painting has been around forever! That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it shows that it’s a tried and true method of adding, fixing, or changing the color of any given surface. Paint is absolutely necessary, it protects the bare metal on your car from rust and eventually the severe damage that rust would bring. In fact, paint is a more permanent solution to these problems than wraps are- and that’s why auto manufacturers at least currently, still use paint as the primary method of styling their vehicles before they hit the showroom floor.

However, what about after you’ve already gotten the car, have had it for some time, and are considering a restyle? What about if you run a business, and want to get your company logo on your vehicle fleet, or even just advertise on a few daily drivers? This is where we believe that the battle between wrapping vs painting flips into wrappings favor. Repairing a car is an option for sure, but it’s a lot of money, time, and work. It’s not likely you have the tools and space to do it yourself, and so you’d need a pro shop which is even more expensive. Paint is also a permanent choice, that removes the original look of the car in favor of the new. No going back without another expensive repaint.

Wrapping on the other hand does not remove the original look of your car, in fact, it defends it! A wrap is made of super high quality 3m Vinyl which has a special one-sided adhesive. This wrap is tightly fit flush to all the surfaces of your car and cut perfectly by our professional installers to sit flush with every crease, crack, and crevis. Unlike paint which requires hard work and trial and error to achieve highly unique designs or colors, wraps are factory printed with just about any color or design you could possibly imagine!

Our design teams can bring an amazing creative theme or your company’s image to life on your vehicle(s)! When you are finished with your wrap ina few years, it simply needs to be removed and it will reveal an untouched surface below! So who’s the real winner in wrapping vs painting?  YOU ARE! With this amazing new cost-effective option, you can save money and get that dream look you’ve always wanted! Come on in today!

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