Weston Car Wrap service available now!
Vinyl Wrap Installation

Weston Car Wrap Service Available Now!

Florida Car Wrap is proud to announce we are now a Weston Car Wrap service provider!  It is considered by many to be a fantastic investment in getting a wrap service performed on your vehicle. It used to be that if you wanted to change the color of the body of your vehicle- you’d have to invest in a painting service. Painting a car, while serving its own purposes- is not the most effective way to both preserve, and alter the look of your vehicle. Paint is a totally permanent change that can itself be damaged in ways that are costly to fix! Paint also totally changes the color of the body of the vehicle forever- while with a vinyl wrap you are in fact protecting and preserving the original look of the car!

If you live in the Weston area and were considering a new look for your car, try a Weston car wrap service like ours instead and we know you’ll leave with an ear to ear grin! In fact, the only thing that you might find hard about a vehicle wrap is choosing which style to go with! Unlike paint,- the color textures, tones, and combinations are nearly limitless when using our Weston Car wrap service! We have graphic designers on site willing to help you choose the right theme and feel for your vehicle.

Using a Weston Car Wrap service can have value beyond looks and vehicle preservation. The ability to create custom designs lends a strong marketing aspect to the service. Using our wraps, you can advertise your business or service on your vehicles in a way that is stylish, affordable, and durable! If you have some great ideas of your own, bring them by our Weston Car Wrap location to work with our designers for that perfect look for your business’s vehicles!

Installation is handled by our highly trained experts. You’ll never have to worry about minor imperfections as our team will custom fit our high-quality 3M Wraps to the exact specifications of your car! Maintaining a vehicle wrap is relatively just as simple as maintaining the factory paint on your car.  A well-mainted wrap can last about 7 years! Additionally, it’s important to note that one key difference is pressure washing. You should never pressure wash a vinyl wrapped car, or it will likely wrinkle the vinyl wrapping.

Weston Car Wrap Service Available Now!

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