Vinyl Wrap Installation

Vinyl Wrapped!? Get a New Look!

Vinyl Wrapped!? Get a New Look!

Florida Car Wrap wants you to know that despite our name, we can pretty much get any surface you can think of Vinyl Wrapped! We know, you probably thought getting vinyl wrapped was something only cars did, and we don’t blame you. It is in our name after all. That’s because we did get our start wrapping cars, trucks, vans, and more varieties of motor vehicles! However as time went on and our skills got better, we were able to add other types of surfaces to the list of things we wrap. While most of our work is still done on cars, more and more of our clients are asking us to do other things! We just realized we never even explained what a wrap is!

“Wrapping” is not a new music genre, but rather wrapping is a way of restyling the exterior surfaces of what used to be just cars, but is now also boats and buildings too! Wrapping involves a 3M high-quality vinyl roll printed and colored to your exact specs, cut to the body of the car. This ‘wrap’ is then tightly adhered to the surfaces of the object in question. The very first question we’ll usually hear next is “Ok, so why wouldn’t I just paint my car/boat/wall/dog? Well, first, please don’t paint OR wrap your dog- ever. As far as paint goes… well…

…Paint flakes and cracks and fades in the sun. It gets scratched and takes abrasion damage. Without an excessive amount of attention and care, paint won’t last long, at least not with its day one luster. This is especially true of cars, but also boats and walls too! Paint also takes a LOT of work to remove, and re-add. That’s right, you cant just paint on top of the paint, the old color has to go! That means a change to the factory look of your car or boat, and while this might be what you going for it could easily reduce the car’s resale value.

With a wrap, you don’t have to worry about damage to your original paint job. That’s because instead of sanding off the paint from your surfaces, they are first cleaned spick and span and dried up, after which the wrap goes on top. One of the most important benefits of a wrap is that it provides a layer of protection to your original factory paint, thus preserving your car’s resale value. This same process is now available for boats, and walls too!

There are a bunch of types of wraps, for different types of things! There are classic colors, advanced color blends, custom-designed wraps, commercial wraps too! That’s right we can put your business’s log right on your fleet! We do wraps for cars, trucks, boats, yachts, and even walls! So what are you waiting for?!?! Come on in today, and have us Wrap up your dream cars, dream look!

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