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Vinyl Wrapped Car vs Painted Car

Vinyl Wrapped Car vs Painted Car

The debate of Vinyl wrapped car vs painted car rages ever onward,  Florida Car Wrap is here to settle this once and for all! We are the premier Wrap Shop in south Florida, the one you should come to if you want an amazing, beautifully vinyl-wrapped car. So obviously, and as mentioned above, there’s some debate on vinyl wrapped car vs a painted car. Why would you choose vinyl over tried and true trusty ole paint? Well, first let’s talk about what viny wraps are, what they do, what they can’t do, and why they beat painted by today’s standards!

3m Vinyl wraps are hands down the best way to restyle your surfaces. Vinyl is not a permanent choice, like paint. vinyl goes over and is applied on top of your existing factory paint first the surfaces of your car are cleaned off spick and span and dried down. Then a layer of tightly placed vinyl is stretched flush and perfectly over your vehicle’s surfaces and trimmed where needed. This incredible application of vinyl not only changes your car’s look, it actually protects against the sun’s harmful UV fading rays, incoming element damage such as water, or the erosion of small dust, dirt, and rocks. Additionally, when it comes time to remove, 3m vinyl wrap just peels off! This reveals your vehicle’s factory look underneath for an untouched ride worth reselling!

Before the awesome power of vinyl we just described above, you didn’t have a choice but to use paint. Paint is mostly permanent, sure, you could technically repaint again if you wanted to change, but once you choose a paint there’s no going back without investing the same amount of time and money you did to paint in the first place. Painting is costly and requires attentive maintenance to upkeep properly. Paint is exposed to the elements so often. Sure, car paint is ‘designed to withstand these elements better than say the interior wall paint in your house, but nothing perfect. Eventually, that beautiful factory paint job will fade, crack, peel, and flake just like a bad date!

FCW’s professional wrap artists can help you completely rethink the image of the surfaces of your vehicles and property now using vinyl! Hasn’t paint been able to do this forever you ask? Well yeah, but what matters is the material with which you are using, its durability, and the benefits of doing so! Paint has had its time in the sun, and you know what it did with that time in the sun? It FADED, unlike our 3m vinyl wraps!  There is tons of labor and permanent choice involved in going with paint, it 0ften is expensive and creates more headaches in the long term. So if the paint is no longer the best… paint… then what makes 3M vinyl so special!?!? Let’s find out!

For more information on how we can help you change the style of your marine vessel or land vehicle, come on in and say hi at our Weston location or give us a call at 954-261-8151.



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