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Surface Wraps – Now at Florida Car Wrap!

Surface Wraps – Now at Florida Car Wrap!

Perhaps you know the awesomeness of Florida Car Wraps Car Waps already, However, did you know we also do boat and building surface wraps? At Florida Car wrap- now we do wall wraps too! If that sounds crazy to you, you may just have to take a look at our gallery! As amazing or unbelievable as it sounds, we can wrap just about anything today, cars, boats, walls, what’s next trains and planes?!. We expanded to boats, and we didn’t stop there! Read on to learn more about wraps, why they’re so awesome, and why you should choose Florida Ca wrap when looking at wall wraps for your building!

We know for a fact, that you know for a fact, that changing somethings color can be done with trusty ole paint! The thing is, Paint is a semi-permanent solution, which means without painting again there is no going back from that choice. Paint also has plenty of issues that leave it an imperfect choice, even if you get that color option just right. Paint can chip as it dries. Paint also flakes and peels and fades in the sun. the amount of time and money spent to remove, and reapply paint is pretty hefty.

When you repaint a car or a boat, you’re committing to changing the factory look. While this might make the car mean more to you, it will likely reduce its resale value in the market later down the line. The paint was a good choice while it was the only choice, but what if you had better options? That’s where vinyl wraps, like wall wraps, boat wraps, and vehicle wraps come in. Unlike paint, wraps are made using 3M high-quality vinyl material, which is tightly applied over the surface of an object. This vinyl not only then changes the outward appearance of the object, but actually protects the original factory paint and look.

At first, cars were really the only thing being wrapped, with boats soon to follow. Now- Florida Car wrap is offering the same high-quality vinyl wrapping service we perform on land and marine vehicles on constructed architectural surfaces as well! We use a specially designed by 3m called “DI-NOC film”. this material was designed to conform to different surface textures and structures.  The DI-NOC  can be printed to mimic some of the most widely used, and in-demand structural designs, materials, and patterns used in architectural design today. This includes wood, stone, metal, leather, and more. The material is not made from metal ores or trees and even has an eco-friendly option which is non PVC. This actually qualifies for LEED credit (leaders in energy and environmental design).

Additionally, the time required to apply Architectural Wraps compared to painting, or reconstructing an area to achieve a look is much quicker. Our wraps are fire and safety tested as well and have been used in a variety of locations From Gyms, to hospitals, to airports, you name it! for more info on how you can change the look of your business with using Architectural Wraps, call us today at 954-261-8151.

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