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If you’re looking for a place to wrap your car in South Florida, you might want to consider expanding your search just outside the city to include Florida Car Wrap! While we technically won’t wrap your car in south Florida, we will wrap your car better than anyone in SoFlo Can! Located in the heart of Weston fl, Florida Car wrap is the number one supplier of high quality 3m vinyl wraps, and the number one installer of this awesome material and process in all of south Florida. We’re so good at what we do we know that once you see examples of our work, you’ll make the short trip to us rather than wrap your car in Florida.

If you’re not familiar with the process, we will talk a bit about what we do, and then explain why we’re the best! It used to be that if you wanted to change the look of your vehicle, you’d have to paint it! Doing this yourself means a ton of time, and frankly has a high probability of turning out badly if there’s a lack of experience involved. Painting is best left to the pros, and even then there are caveats to painting. For one, say goodbye to your car’s factory look. Though this might seem obvious, one paint replaces another in a semi-permanent process. The only way to go back is an equally expensive repaint.

Painting a car also has limitations when it comes to style and color choice. In today’s age there are certainly many more paint options available than say, 20 years ago, but because paint colors are created a certain way there sonly so many possible combinations. If you are already looking to Wrap your car in South Florida, then you probably already know why a wrap is much better than a paint job.

Wrapping is the process of encasing the entire outer surface of your vehicle, in a tightly flush super high quality 3m Vinyl Wrap. This wrap can be colored or styled in a nearly infinite number of ways providing some of the mos unique and eye-catching looks ever seen on a vehicle. Not only that, but a wrap has no negative effect on your existing or stock paint job. You read that correctly, not only does a wrap not remove your car’s factory look- it in fact PROTECTS it. The wrap itself will absorb the weathering, wear, and tear of the road such as weather, erosion, and debris striking the car. This protects the car from scratches and scuffs.

When it’s time to go back to the classic look, simply have the wrap removed by one of our specialists to reveal a totally untouched vehicle look beneath! For more info, come on in or give Florida Car Wrap a call today!


Believe it or not, we do BUILDINGS too- check it out!-  Architectural Wraps at Florida Car Wrap
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