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Reasons to Wrap your Vehicle with FCW!

Reasons to Wrap your Vehicle with FCW!

Florida Car Wrap wants to give you our top reasons to wrap your vehicle, rather than going with the more traditional painting method. We are proud to be south Florida’s number one stop for commercial or personal vehicle stylization using 3m Vinyl wraps, and there are tons of great reasons to wrap your car or even your boat. We want to get into that right soon, but first a little bit about what a wrap is to set up why the reasons to wrap your car make sense!

Wrapping is an alternative method to painting for changing the way the surface of your vehicle (or vessel) looks! The process involves cleaning the surfaces of your car until they’re spotless and dry. Then our wrap techs take your chosen design or style, measure, and cut the appropriate amount of 3m High-quality semi Adhesive Vinyl material. This is then tightly ‘wrapped’ around the individual surface of the vehicle to create a seamless, flush new look. Just like that, and without any painting your car looks like your dream color/style combination!

Reasons to Wrap your car:

  1. Preservation:
    Unlike painting, a wrap presents your vehicle’s original/factory appearance. With painting, you can change the color of your car sure, but this comes at the cost of its current look. With paint, the whole vehicle is sanded down and the old paint is destroyed/removed in this process. With a wrap, you get the option of changing to a unique new look without eliminating your car’s current one. While ‘dimensional purple’ and ‘synergy green’ might make the car more valuable to you, it could actually reduce its resale value down the line for potential buyers who want a more standard, less unique appearance. Wraps can be removed as easily as they are applied, revealing your car’s stock appearance underneath!
  2. Protection:
    In line with reason #1, a wrap not only preserves your car’s stock look but in fact protects it. Rather than pebbles gravel rocks, dirt, water, sand, and other erosion elements attacking your paint job, the wrap absorbs these impacts thus leaving your car’s surfaces unharmed!
  3. Customization:
    Wraps offer far more variety and potential when choosing a new look for your car! In our opinion, the best of all the reason to wrap your vehicle is the choices you have! Paint has come a long way and there are some cool options, but not nearly as many as the nearly infinite options with wraps. Graphics, complex images, crazy new color blends styles, and glosses all not possible with paint can be done using a wrap!

You’ll never have to worry about installation with our Car Wrap Service. The process is performed by highly trained technicians that know the job inside and out. We take the extra time to make sure every angle and contour is perfectly applied. Maintenance is basically the same as a regular paint job too! The only exception is that you should avoid pressurized car washing, as the extra pressure will cause the vinyl wrap to wrinkle up. It is commonplace to expect a Well Maintained wrap to last 7 years or more! when it comes time to switch, we can help you remove the old and jump right into the new as well. Some come on into Florida Car Wraps today and see why you’ll never want paint again!

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