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Make Your Boat Unique With 3M Vinyl Boat Wrap Miami

Installing a 3M vinyl boat wrap in Miami can make your boat stand out and protect your valuable investment. Just like cars on the road, vinyl wraps can be applied to boats for marketing and aesthetic reasons. It is an incredibly affordable and even beneficial way of making your boat unique on the water. 

Any design you can imagine can be printed on vinyl boat wraps. It is also quick to install. The following article will highlight what 3M vinyl boat wraps are, the benefits, and some things to consider. If you have any more questions or would like to get a free quote for custom boat wraps in Miami, contact Florida Car Wrap today. 

Vinyl Boat Wrap Versus Repainting

In the past, the only real way to alter the appearance of your boat was to have it repainted. The repainting process is very expensive and the paint could chip over the course of time. Paint is unable to achieve certain designs and shades. By contrast, 3M vinyl boat wrap in Miami is affordable and virtually any design can be printed 

When you change the factory paint of the boat, it will immediately cause the resale price to drop, just like a car. Installing vinyl boat wrap is different because it does not change or alter the original paint. This allows the boat to retain its resale value since the vinyl can be removed at any point. The vinyl wrap will even protect the factory paint from the environment. 

Designing Custom Boat Wraps

Most people that have chosen Miami 3M vinyl boat wrap agree that the hardest part is deciding on the best design. There are infinite design possibilities available that can be printed on the boat wrap. A skilled graphic designer can help you create a truly unique design. This is especially useful for businesses and advertising. 

With vibrant colors and designs, your boat will stand out on the water. Anything can be printed on vinyl boat wrap, from colors and elaborate designs to landscapes and animals. There is a design available for every niche imaginable. 

Cost of Vinyl Boat Wraps

As mentioned above, a custom paint job is significantly more expensive than installing a boat wrap. Wrapping your boat in 3M vinyl wrap will generally cost anywhere from two to five thousand dollars. The cost is determined by a couple of factors that include whether it is a custom design and how much of the boat will be wrapped. 

In most cases, installing small graphic designs on certain spots of the boat is much cheaper. If your boat is starting to show its age, you may want to consider wrapping the entire boat surface. Installing the vinyl wrap can be done in a variety of places but is usually best to have done in a workshop. Generally, it is completed in two to three days. 

Find 3M Vinyl Boat Wrap in Miami

Don’t let the name fool you, Florida Car Wrap provides the same quality 3M vinyl wrap installation on boats as we do cars. Our highly skilled team of designers and installers can reinvigorate the appearance of your boat. Whether it’s custom car wraps for marketing or to stand out the next time you go out on the water, Florida Car Wrap can help you. Contact us or call 954-261-8151 today to learn more. 

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3M Vinyl Boat Wrap Miami

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