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Get Your Fleet Wrapped with FCW!

Get Your Fleet Wrapped with FCW!

One of the best ways to really sell your brand to the public, while also identifying your fleet vehicles, is to get your vehicle fleet wrapped by FL Car Wrap! Don’t worry if you have a small fleet of 2-5 cars, or a lot of 100 trucks ready to roll, Fl car wrap can get your fleet wrapped in no time, and at the best price to quality ratio in all of South Florida! Commercial Vehicle Wraps are a better choice than paint for your fleet because of protection, and because of the nearly infinite design options. Imagine seeing your organization’s corporate logo, emblems, or other designs across your company’s vehicles- we can make that a reality~ Our team of on-site professional graphic designers is excited and ready to work with you to bring your design ideas to life. So what is a wrap?

It used to be that if you wanted to change the way a vehicle looked, or advertise a corporate logo on that vehicle, you would have to take that car to get painted or paint it yourself if you’re fortunate enough to have space and equipment. This meant heavy sanding down to the bare metal, and then a series of applications several layers of primer, new paint, final coatings, and finishes, and allow the vehicle to dry. In order to ever change the color of the car again, or go back to its factory look, you’d have to reperform this entire process.

As painstaking as this process is, when it comes to getting your fleet painted, this concept is exponentially even more costly and time-consuming. That’s a big reason why you should consider getting your vehicle fleet wrapped!

When Florida Car WQrap wraps your fleet, you know we’re using the highest quality 3m automotive grade vinyl materials. Our Wraps absolutely destroy paint in their ability to create custom styles, color ways, looks, and logos to superb accuracy and quality! Vinyl can achieve color combinations and designs that paint simply can not do without exponential cost. Additionally, unlike paint which is a damageable, permanent choice, vinyl wraps are designed to be applied on top of existing factory paint. They actually protect the original OE look of the car, so when it’s time to sell or liquidate any vehicle assets those cars will look and feel new!

We can tweak that design idea or concept art to be modern, clean, and attract the clientele you need to take your business to the next level! If you’re looking to blow up your brand, advertise on the road, or even just looking for a quality look for your personal ride, don’t think twice- call Florida Car Wrap today. Oh yeah, did I mention -We do boats too!

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