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Custom Vinyl Wrap Design

Custom Vinyl Wrap Design

Take a look at Florida Car Wrap, the undisputed top artists in Custom Vinyl Wrap Design for vehicles. We can make your ride look insane!

We’ve been operating in the south Florida region for many years now, and we are the local experts in the wrap industry. A wrap is a reasonably efficient barrier against harm to your vehicle. In addition to controlling the visual appearance, you also have total control over a wrap design made by you- or one of our designers. A wrap is a much more cost-effective way to change the appearance of your car or boat in comparison to painting. Paint jobs have been used traditionally to alter the exterior color of cars and boats. Thhe designs you can have our custom team make for you compared to what paint can offer is huge.  Another way to put it is that custom wraps that look exactly how you imagine them are much easier to achieve than with paint.

To paint, you’ve got a handful of options. The number and variety of colors and combinations you can make with the brand-new paint is rather limited. You may mix and match colors as many times as you like, but you may only do so many of those things. The paint is permanent, so it requires you to get rid of your old appearance in favor of the new. As a result, you will protect the integrity of the OG color of your vehicle. The color of your car will not change with a custom wrap design. Additionally, while you may believe it is worth more once freshly painted, removing the factory appearance may actually harm its resale value.

You are able to tailor a wrap for your car or boat in Florida car wrap and both change its outward appearance and maintain its factory look at the same time. In fact, you are both changing the outward appearance of your vehicle or boat and protecting its original paint from the elements like rain, debris, and UV light. This is because a vinyl wrap is applied over the original factory paint of the car, which incidentally protects it from the elements like rain, debris, and UV light. With a wrap, the amount of color options you have are nearly limitless, as opposed to the limitations of your imagination.

You may be able to really show off an image an style that fits you with a custom vinyl wrap design by Florida Car Wrap! A design or logo that shows off your business or brand is also something we can do! If you are thinking of painting your car or boat, do not hesitate to ask Florida Car Wrap for a better option!

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