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Broward Car Wrap Services

Look no further than the Pros at Florida Car Wrap if you’ve been pricing and hunting down Broward Car Wrap Services! Getting a wrap is an alternative to painting that’s much newer, and much more versatile. You can wrap just about anything nowadays, including boats, cars, and even structure walls! If you’re investing in your vehicle’s look, consider getting a Weston Car wrap!

Your properties, like cars, boats, and buildings, are an investment – one that should be protected! It used to be that you’d have to shell out a ton of money on a painting service if you wanted to alter the style or the coloring of your car. Painting a car is a somewhat permanent choice- and while it has its own merits it is definitely not the most effective way to simultaneously invest, alter, and protect the car you care about! Come in and talk to one of our experts to learn more about our Weston Car Wrap Services, where we use the highest quality 3M vinyl to restyle, protect, and preserve the original look of the car!

Our current location is in Weston Florida, making us the premier Boward Car Wrap Service provider. We have a nearly infinite number of paint and color combinations for you to choose from. Additionally, we employ professional graphic designers on our team who can truly bring your custom design ideas to life!

If your a business owner in Broward county, getting a wrap is a killer investment for your personal vehicle, or especially if you have a business fleet! Business owners should consider the immense value in our service too! think about it- picture your company’s logo, beautifully and neatly plastered across all the vehicles in your fleet. Our 3M wraps are not only affordable and stylish but extremely durable as well! Our designers on site want to work with you to bring your company’s image to the public, helping you advertise in a way you never thought possible.

You’ll never have to worry about installation with our Car Wrap Service in Weston. The process is performed by highly trained technicians that know the job inside and out. We take the extra time to make sure every angle and contour is perfectly applied. Maintenance is basically the same as a regular paint job too! The only exception is that you should avoid pressurized car washing, as the extra pressure will cause the vinyl wrap to wrinkle up. It is commonplace to expect a Well Maintained wrap to last 7 years or more! when it comes time to switch, we can help you remove the old and jump right into the new as well. Some come on into Florida Car Wraps today and see why you’ll never want paint again!

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