Fleet Vehicles Wrapped

Fleet Vehicles Wrapped by FCW!!!

Fleet Vehicles Wrapped by FCW!!!

Many corporate organizations and companies are choosing today to have their fleet vehicles wrapped, and there are so many great reasons why! Whether your organization has two corporate cars or a massive fleet of vans and trucks it’s quite imperative to further invest and protect in the vehicle or transport aspect of your company.

For a very long time, wraps weren’t an option, so if you wanted to alter the way a vehicle looked, or advertise a corporate logo on that vehicle, you would have to take that car or truck to an autobody shop. At the shop, they would repaint the car(s), a long expensive and permanent process. This involves sanding the vehicle down to the bare metal, removing the original factory paint. They then re-apply several layers of primer, new paint, final coatings, and finishes, and allow the vehicle to dry. Painting is a permanent choice you don’t get to go back from. All that time and money and could still be easily damaged by everyday debris, scratches, weather, or the like. That’s a lot of time, effort, and money into changing the look of just one vehicle- only to possibly have it ruined anyway. Imagine that cost, and risk multiplied over a whole corporate fleet- yikes!

That’s why Florida Car Wrap chose to build our service around Commercial Vehicle Wraps, rather than automotive painting. A Vehicle Wrap, or even just a wrap for any purpose other than a vehicle, is the process by which highly trained professionals apply industry-grade adhesive vinyl using precision measuring, cutting, and application techniques to “wrap” the subject in a new stylized look. This look can be comparable to the best quality paint jobs in the world- but even better! Vinyl can achieve color combinations and designs that paint simply can not do without exponential cost. Additionally, unlike paint which is a damageable, permanent choice, vinyl wraps are designed to be applied on top of existing factory paint. They actually protect the original OE look of the car, so when it’s time to sell or liquidate any vehicle assets those cars will look and feel new!

Commercial Vehicle Wraps are not just a better choice than paint for your fleet because of protection, but because of the design options. If you can picture your high-quality corporate logo, emblems, or other designs across your company’s vehicles- we can make that a reality. Our team of on-site professional graphic designers is excited and ready to work with you to bring your design ideas to life. We can fine-tune that design concept to be professional, clean, and attract the business you need to build your brand! so if you’re looking to expand your brand, advertise on the road, or even just looking for a quality look for your personal ride, don’t think twice- call Florida Car Wrap today. We do boats too!

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