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Best Florida Auto Wrap Near Me

Vehicle wrapping is becoming more and more popular. It is both a great business promotion tool and a unique way to express personal style. If you find yourself searching “best auto wrap near me”, know that the place you are looking for is Florida Car Wrap. 

Benefits of Auto Wrapping

Many people think that car wraps are purely for aesthetic purposes. It is true, car wraps are a fantastic way to beautify and customize your vehicle. Wraps take much less time than a custom paint job would. They also are more affordable, especially when beginning to deal with more complex designs. Choosing an auto wrap also opens up far more possibilities such as incorporating chrome detailing and carbon fiber. They also have the undeniable benefit of being as temporary as you choose. Clearly, car wraps can serve a cosmetic function wonderfully.  However, car wrapping can also have some very practical benefits which are definitely a cause for consideration. 

The most well known of these is for affordable and eye-catching advertisements. A Florida Car Wrap is fully customizable and our design experts will help you craft the perfect promotion for your business. Compared to other physical advertisements, such as billboards, a car wrap is much more affordable and not confined to one area. You will reach a far wider scope and you will be able to “run” your advertisement for as long as you’d like. 

A question we get asked all the time is “will a car wrap ruin my paint?” At Florida Car Wrap, we only employ highly trained wrap techs and adhere to the leading industry recommendations. So long as it is maintained properly and not subject to extraordinary conditions, your car wrap will not damage your paint. Indeed, a professionally applied wrap will actually help preserve your paint from sun damage and wear-and-tear. 

What Else Can You Wrap?

Florida Car Wraps can also install and apply a variety of vinyl graphics. Some of our additional areas of expertise include:

Much like an auto wrap, a boat wrap can either serve to advertise a business or communicate your personal style. We can work with seafaring vessels as small as a jetski and as large as a cruise ship! 

Architectural wraps are a great way to decorate or advertise in a space. Our wall and floor wraps come in indoor and outdoor options and a variety of finishes. Floor wraps will always be nonslip to ensure safety. They can be used short term or long term. 


Florida Car Wrap can do custom wraps and personal vehicles as well as large scale commercial fleet covering. We have been recognized by Masters of Branding and Wrapify, are a PDAA Master Certified Installer, and are a 3M Architectural Endorsed Installer. We have over 20 years of South Florida car, boat, and architectural wrap experience and also offer a variety of additional refinishing services. With our impeccable attention to detail and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we are proud to be South Florida’s #1 choice for recreational and commercial auto wrapping.  

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Auto Wrap Near Me

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