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Wrap your Car or Paint it? by FCW

Wrap your Car or Paint it? by FCW

Should you wrap your car or should you paint it?” Hello, we are Florida Car Wrap, and of course, we’re going to tell you to wrap your car! However we won’t just leave you hanging, thinking that this is all business, we take pride in our work! So why should you wrap your car instead of paint?

Most likely you know what painting is, or you wouldn’t be concerned with an answer to this question. It’s likely that while driving down the road you’ve already encounter cars that were wrapped and didn’t even know it!” Maybe you knew it was a wrap, but wondered how long it would last, or if it’s worth it at all? Mostly though, once someone catches wind of wrapped cars, they start asking us for the details, what’s the quality, is it better than painting, and so we wanted to address all that right here in this article.  Well, read on and learn all about what we do at Florida Car Wrap, south Florida’s #1 auto styling shop!

w don’t want to knock paint, paint is important and is even a big reason why one should consider getting their car wrapped. As you probably already know, all these vehicles come from their respective manufacturers and factories painted. Factory paint is usually desired above aftermarket paint jobs because of the value of retaining something in its original form. Especially if kept well, the factory paint is a clear indicator a car has been well maintained in other facets beyond just the look, and so the release of cars with good factory paint is generally much better than those with aftermarket work done. Wrapping a car means you don’t change or remove the factory paint, but in fact protect it while also getting a hot new look!

A wrapped vehicle has gone through the process of having its exterior encased in a flush, tightly stretched 3m semi-adhesive vinyl material. This is some of 3Ms best quality vinyl material, and it can be preprinted with a nearly innumerable amount of colorways designs, artwork, and finishes. Paint doesn’t offer nearly as many options and also requires a much greater nearly permanent commitment to the choice you make. For a car to go through the repainting process,  this removes the current paint from the car forever, sanding it down to the bare metal. From here new paint, primers, and fishies are applied. That’s it, if you want to go back to stock you’ll have to pay all over again and redo the paint job.

A Wrapped vehicle, on the other hand, has its stock look protected by its new look. That’s right, underneath your awesome, great-looking new wrap lies the original paint you’re brought it into Florida Car Wrap with. Our wraps protect and ensure the stock look of your car, so when it comes time to sell- you can have the wrap peeled off by our professional techs revealing a stock vehicle ready for the market! Come on in today to see what we’re all about!

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