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Why Wrap Your Vehicle Instead of Paint?

Why Wrap Instead of Paint?

One question we get asked often at Florida Car Wrap, probably more than any other question, in fact, is “Why to wrap instead of paint?” We’re going to take the time to answer that today, but first a little bit about who we are and why you should trust what we have to say! We- are Florida Car Wrap- South Floridas #1 Facility for restyling the exterior of your vehicle, boats- or yes even architectural walls and surfaces! When we say restyling, what we mean is changing the color and design of the outer appearance of the aforementioned surface types. So, that raises a few questions then. Frist, what is a wrap? Secondly, Why wrap instead of paint to accomplish this goal?

A Wrap is an exrteriror surface coating made of quality 3M Brand Vinyl material. The vinyl is adhesive on one side and stllized with patterns and/or colors on the other. This adhesive vinyl is then applied over the existing surface of your vehicle or boat by professional viynl application technicans. This process is tedious and requires training and a steady hand, which is why we employ the most talented wrap technicians in the industry. Ok so that clears up what a wrap is- but it still leaves one question unanswered. “why wrap isntead of paint?” Well there are several reasons, lets check it out.

Paint is sort of a permnant choice when it comes to changing your vehicle’s look. When you paint, you must remove the original color on the vehicle by having it sanded down to the bare metal. This process means you lose your factory look in exchange for your new look. While this might increase the personal value of the vehicle to you, it may acutlaly reduce the resale value on the market for not maintainign factory apeearence. Wrapping your vehicle on the other hand, does not destroy the factory look of the vehicle, and in fact actually works to activley protect it.

So you ask “why wrap?” We say, because theres no better way to protect your vehicle while also totlaly customizing its look! Beyond the practical value of maitnaining the factory state of your car, theres also the style aspect of wrapping. While you have some customizability with paint, there are certain looks that are either too costly or even outright imppsible to acheive with paint. florida car wrap employs a team of graphic designers ready to help you brign your imagination to life, plastered on your car! This service is espcially useful for fleet vehicles that need your business’s identifying imagery branded on a large group of cars or trucks.

Thanks for joining us today as we talked answered the question “Why Wrap instead of paint?” For more info on pricing, options, or what we can do for you to come on in to our shop in Weston, Florida or give us a call today at: 954-261-8158

Believe it or not, we do BUILDINGS too- check it out!-  Architectural Wraps at Florida Car Wrap
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