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Restyle Your Car with FCW today!

Restyle Your Car with FCW today!

It seems like a no-brainer that you would want to restyle your car to matter match your personality. After all, we spend so much time in our vehicles: going to work, going home, picking up kids, going to the store, many of us even drive in them for a living! Everything else we treat that way we approach with a sense of originality and flair, like the clothes we wear, how we do our hair, our favorite shoes or accessories, cars are just another part of expressing who we are.

At Florida Car Wrap, we want you to know we are the experts and helping you restyle your car to better fit the you that you know and love! We specialize in wrapping vehicles so that their surfaces look different than before. You might be saying to yourself then, “that’s found familiar- wait what about paint, doesn’t paint already do that?” You’re not wrong, but the paint has its drawbacks.

When you buy a car new or used but that’s been unmodified, it comes from the factory with a paint job. Many people choose to change this paint job to better suit how they want their vehicle to look. While this is commendable, a new paint job means some important things you should be aware of.

  1. Painting is semi-permanent. That means that if you repaint your car, you can’t undo this with a simple CTRL+Z, what’s done is done unless you want to spend a ton!
  2. Painting may make the car more valuable to you but often reduces its aftermarket value. Electic neon blue letters with your name,e across the hood are likely not a factory color option! With a wrap, you can take it right off when and if you ever sell your car!
  3.  New paint doesn’t protect the car, it just puts something else upfront to get damaged. Wrapping a car protects the factory paint while providing a new look!
  4. Style! The whole reason you’re here is to restyle your car right? Why settle for flat color options and extrmeley expensive custom work when you can have basically whatever you want to be printed onto a wrap!

Not only do wraps already come in way more options than paint does without tons of work, trial, and error- but you can even work with us to create custom wrap designs! We have professional graphic artists on our team who want to help you bring your vision to life, and apply it to the look of your car, boat, or architecture!


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