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How A Florida Wall Wrap Can Bring In Customers

Florida Car Wrap knows that wrapping is not just limited to automobiles. We recognize the versatility of a high-quality wrap. Our team has branched out into many other types of wrapping to provide custom advertising and decoration options for our customers. One of our most popular services is Florida wall wrap installation. Businesses are just beginning to realize the potential of a customized wall graphic, and are turning to the experts- Florida Car Wrap. If you have been considering a wall wrap but are unsure if it is worth it, take a look at some of the ways an architectural wall wrap can elevate your business and bring in customers. 


Update Your Look

Any Building is subject to wear and tear. It can be a real hassle to patch up and repaint your entire building, and much of the effort will go unnoticed. However, leaving the damage be will definitely draw attention and for all the wrong reasons. Wall wraps are a great way to easily cover up blemishes in a trendy way. We have an in-house fabrication team who can bring any vision to life. We have a variety of materials, colors, patterns, and finishes to choose from. All of this along with custom high-quality imaging allows you to create any masterpiece you can imagine. 



The images on your wall wrap can go far beyond just looking nice. Wall Wraps are often coveted for their advertising abilities. The blank, unused spaces on your internal and external walls can be doing so much more than just be painted. Wall Wraps can be used in place of signage to create a unique and memorable entrance to your property. They can also be customized much more than most signs, allowing you to communicate more about your business and in a more pleasing way. 

Those who have buildings bordering busy streets or highways can turn their business into its own billboard. This is a step-up from traditional billboards because you will not have any maintenance fees and can be in complete control of changing your message. We can also coordinate your architectural wrap with corporate car wrapping. Having a building that matches a fleet of automobiles creates brand identity and will have customers quickly associating your name with your particular industry. 


Become an Attraction

These days, people flock to shops and stores for their aesthetic value just as much as the goods or services they provide. In the age of documentation, a good photo opportunity has become a commodity in and of itself. Wall wraps can create an exciting atmosphere for your existing customers and draw in new customers looking for the perfect shot.

Think of the ever-popular Pink Wall in Los Angeles, a staple of the town, and any visitor’s Instagram. It actually belongs to a clothing store that has seen much success due to the viral wall. If a plain pink wall has the potential to attract millions, think of what you can do with our high quality, custom wall wraps! 


Before you simply paint a wall, think of all the opportunities it presents to create a uniquely engaging, business-grabbing piece of art. Florida Car Wrap is the place to go to turn these opportunities into a reality. Contact us today for quotes on Florida wall wrap services! 

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