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Customized Vehicle Wrap

Customized Vehicle Wrap

Florida Car Wrap is Broward and Miami’s 31 stop for a customized vehicle wrap. Lets bring your vehicle’s look to life!

The wrap industry has been in operation in South Florida for a number of years, and we are the go-to company for car wraps. A wrap gives you tremendous control and security in regards to your vehicle’s appearance. A wrap gives you the precision and security of a paint job but without the paint. While painting has obvious limitations, wraps don’t. It is much more feasible to create a color-matched custom paint job using a wrap than a custom paint job that looks exactly like you envisioned it.

The paint process is straightforward with painting. You can specify a range of color options, and the paint job is semi-permanent. However, painting a vehicle is a permanent choice. You may always pay an outrageous amount of money to have your vehicle professionally repainted, but changing the paint on your car destroys your previous choice. The process of sanding, prepping, and painting may take days, be time-consuming, and have an effect on the vehicle’s standard condition.

The exterior of your vehicle or boat can be customized with a Florida car wrap customized vehicle wrap. The vinyl wrap is applied over the original factory paint of the vehicle, which naturally shields it from the elements like rain, debris, and UV light. With vinyl wraps, you can create virtually any color combination you desire, even beyond the boundaries of your imagination. Not only are the combinations themselves endless but our design team can work with you to bring a totally unique look to your car, and make that a reality!

You can have a logo, a phrase, artwork, imagery, colors patterns and more all applied to the exterior of your ride. Got a channel you’re trying to promote? we can help with that! Trying to sport a unique look for the next big car show? We can help with that! Tired of regulars old red and looking for a vocalic gradient that goes from screaming yellows to burning bright oranges?  We can help with that!

We can help you create, or design, custom Florida car wraps! You can now proudly display your real image on your car or boat with our graphic design expertise. If you’re thinking of replacing your wheels with a paint job, don’t wait until you’re in a hurry! contact us at Florida Car Wrap! Your cars look is only limited by your own imaginational with the team at FCW, the sky’s the limit!

Don’t hesitate to come in and check us opt or give Florid care wrap A CALL TODAY!

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