Best Reasons to wrap
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Best Reasons to Wrap Your Car

Best Reasons to Wrap Your Car

Florida Car wrap has the best wrap operation in south Florida and we want to share with you the best reasons to wrap your car! We astarted Florida Car wrap to be able to offer autobody enthusiasts and commercial operations a way to manage to get their vehicle(s) into their preferred look in a new and innovative way.

FCW uses only the highest quality, unmatched 3M Vinyl adhesive wrap. We recently moved our primary location to the city of Weston Florida. A Vinyl wrap is an alternative to painting your car. Without further ado, here are our Top 5 Reasons to Wrap your Car!

  1. Non-Permanence – When you paint, you’re making a pretty permanent choice. Sanding and removal of your car’s current look is a part of the painting process. Painting is a replacement of the OG styler that came with your ride.  Unlike paint, wrapping your car isn’t a permanent choice. You’re only temporarily covering up the original factory paint, which brings us to reason number 2
  2. Protection – Protect and preserve, that part of the power of the wrap. Not only is your OG style left untouched, its armored up by the amazing strength and durability of 3m
    vinyl. That’s right! When it comes time to consider reselling that vehicle you can remove the wrap, exposing your car’s factory look, untouched and undamaged by the elements. The vinyl was a shield!
  3. Style – Style is everything! That’s why you restyle a car… because you clearly care about style in the first place. The number of available styles and colorways with paint is drastically more limited than with a wrap! There are simply just an astounding amount of color choices and styles like Metallica, matte, gloss, and more to choose from compared to paint especially at a reasonable cost. The options are endless!
  4. Customization – We employ professional graphic designers on site that can work with you to bring a custom idea to life! Got something you want to express with your car’s look? bring your ideas to us and we can make them a reality! This also brings us to our last reason!
  5. Advertisement – Using our customization, your business can advertise on the side of your personal or even your company’s fleet vehicles! Imagine a whole fleet of mobile ads spreading awareness of your business all around!

Thanks for joining us today as we talked about our Top 5 Reasons to Wrap your Car. For more info on pricing, options, or what we can do for you to come on in to our shop in Weston, Florida or give us a call today at: 954-261-8158

Believe it or not, we do BUILDINGS too- check it out!-  Architectural Wraps at Florida Car Wrap
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