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Car Wrap Near Me

Car Wraps are a unique and creative way to customize your car. You can have a unique look by using the right graphics with a new Car Wrap Near Me in Miami. A car wrap is a temporary adhesive cover that will protect your car from the elements such as rain, sun, dirt, and damaging salt in the South Florida environment. They are a great way to dress up any car with a new look. Florida Car Wraps is one of the premier car wrap companies in all of South Florida. They are also proud to be an authorized Ceramic Pro dealer with certifications from Wrapify, SGS System Certification, 3M Preferred, CWI Certified Vinyl Installers, APA Print Technologies, and Architectural 3M Endorsed Installers, PDAA Master Certified Installer. 954-261-8151

There are many types of car wraps available. There are hot rolled, brush front, brushed carbon fiber, flax fiber, fiberglass, fiber-coated steel, fiberglass reinforced plastic, laminated wood, vinyl, and vinyl wrapped. Florida Car Wraps does full-service vehicle fleets at a reasonable cost along with doing boat wraps too. If you choose to have Florida Car Wraps for your car wrap near me provider, know that you are working with the best.

2014 3M Wrap2wrap Champion

2015 Wrapscon Wrap Cup Americas 2nd

2015 GOA Wrap Cup Americas 1st

2016 World Championship 2nd

2017 GOA Wrap Cup Americas 1st

2017 Wrapscon Wrap Olympics 1st

2017 Wrapify Wrap Champion 1st

2018 GOA Wrap Cup Americas 1st

2018 ISA Wrap Cup Americas 2nd

2018 SGIA PDAA Wrap Cup 1st

2019 Nations Wrap Cup Germany 2nd

Doing a car wrap yourself is a surefire recipe for disaster, it is best to use a vinyl wrap certified professional for your Miami car wraps. These kits contain the materials needed for the installation. It is very simple to apply these paint kits. A custom paint job can often cost more than $5000.

The best part about Miami car wraps is they protect your car from the elements while giving it a new look. Weather can easily affect your vehicle so you will not need to buy new paint every few years or get a wrap that is more affordable and lasts just as long. This type of wrapping protects the vehicle from salt, strong sunlight, extreme temperatures, wind, rain, and more. It is important to make sure your graphics and other accessories are compatible with the type of wrap film you purchase. Make sure your graphics are proofed and visible enough to not be a hindrance to getting your message across whether for business or personal enjoyment.

You can choose from a variety of Miami car wrap companies but no one in the South Florida car wrap and boat wrap market has a competition level proven background that us. If you can think of it, we can design it. As long as the graphics and accessory match your vehicle accordingly, you will have no problem finding a better match for your Miami car wrap and boat wrap needs. Call today if you have any questions about getting a car wrap near me. 954-261-8151

Most professional car wrapping service providers offer a variety of vehicle wrap designs. You can look for a smaller company that operates out of their trunk but you should look and see if the company has a positive reputation. The best place to look for that is via their Google My Business listing. Are they properly licensed and insurance? You can also get the vinyl that matches the color of your car without having to worry about faded paint. Florida Car Wraps helps you create a sleek, beautiful, and practical visual display that helps advertise your businesses and impress at the same time with a car wrap near me.

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