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Wrapping a Boat is The Way to Go!

Wrapping a boat is the way to go!

Florida Car wrap is one of the most reputable well-regarded vehicle wrapping shops in all of the sunshine state- but did you know you should give us a call if you’re considering wrapping a boat as well? Wrapping is an amazing alternative to paint that will leave you even more speechless at the final result than most paints are capable of doing. the process entails our highly trained Wrapping technicians cleaning and preparing the surfaces first. Afterward, they apply an extremely high-quality 3M partially adhesive vinyl material stretched tightly over your vehicle or vessel, you can have your entire ride, or just a specific location, recolored without a single drop of paint. In the past it was more common that you’d find that Vinyl wraps, or just ” wraps” for short, are used mostly on motor vehicles to recolor, restyle, and protect them. That last part is key, protection. Wrapping a boat or a car doesn’t just add style, a wrap will actively protect the factory paint and body from debris, erosion, scratches, the sun’s rays, and of course water! Like that one friend we all know, paint is there for you one minute and totally flaking the next! Paint dries, scratches chips, and is costly to repair. Not vinyl though, and when it comes time to sell, we can remove it for you revealing a clean, protected stock look underneath!

If you live in a city, or anywhere where you can see traffic regularly you’ve probably already spotted a nice-looking ride or two on the road all wrapped up nice and pretty. That being said, wrapping a boat is the next logical step in the world of restyling the surfaces of our transportation machines!  Boat owners rejoice- FCW now offers this service! Worried about the size of your vessel? Worry not- we can handle- Yachts, Tenders, Toys, Super Yachts, and yes- even Crusie Ships! Wrapping a boat provides protection to its surfaces and the factory-look similar to the protection you’d gain wrapping your car.

Painting a boat presents certain problems that need to be accommodated for. You can probably imagine how water isn’t the best environment to paint a boat in… Wrapping a boat doesn’t present the same problems that painting does, but it isn’t without its own difficulties. Vinyl that’s used for wraps comes in maximum size.  For boats of substantial length and/or girth,  there may result in small visible seams where layers of the vinyl meet. Our clients come in knowing this, and they do so also knowing that we are the pros! This means our skill level with this process is so refined we are able to reduce visible seems with our Wraps in a way that blows other competition out the water. Pun most certainly intended! if you’re in the markets for Boat Wrap in Weston Florida, or anywhere in South Florida, call Florida car wrap today to schedule an appointment!

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