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Wrap Your Building at Florida Car Wrap!

Wrap Your Building at FCW!

Wrap your building today… at Florida… Car… Wrap? YES! You’re not suddenly in need of a refresher course on your ABC’s- you did read that correctly! Florida Car wrap is the number one location in south Florida to have your vehicle covered in high quality 3M vinyl wrap- but now you can also wrap your building (and boat!)

Traditionally speaking, if you desired to recolor the surface of a vehicle or boat- you would have to pay for an expensive paint job. Paint is what we call a semi-permanent solution because although you can technically repaint again in the future, it’s such an expensive and tedious process this would be needlessly redundant. Paint also has many of its own flaws. Paint chips, and dries, it flakes and peels and fades in the sun. Removing paint requires tons of work and time, and reapplying it if you don’t come to enjoy your new color style requires work money and time. Paint alters the factory look of the car, which almost always will cause a reduction in its resale value in the market later down the line- even if you think it ‘looks great!”.

Ultimately, paint has been a good solution for restyling the look of something permanently, but what if you want to change the look of something now and protect the integrity of its stock appearance? That’s where vinyl wraps come in. Unlike paint, wraps are made using 3M high-quality vinyl material, which is tightly applied over the surface of an object. This vinyl not only then changes the outward appearance of the object, but actually protects the original factory paint and look.

So we mentioned way up at the top that we don’t just wrap cars, but we can wrap your building too! That’s correct, now Florida Car wrap is offering the same high-quality vinyl wrapping service we perform on land and marine vehicles on architectural surfaces as well! We use a DI-NOC film, specially designed by 3m for conforming to the many variations in the surfaces and textures found on the walls of any structure. We offer multiple finish options that resemble many natural construction materials commonly found in architecture. This includes wood, stone, metal, leather, and more. The material is not made from metal ores or trees and even has an eco-friendly option which is non PVC. This actually qualifies for LEED credit (leaders in energy and environmental design). Additionally, the time required to apply Architectural Wraps compared to painting, or reconstructing an area to achieve a look is much quicker. Our wraps are fire and safety tested as well and have been used in a variety of locations From Gyms, to hospitals, to airports, you name it! for more info on how you can change the look of your business by using Architectural Wraps, call us today at 954-261-8151.

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