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Wrap Designs Available at FCW

Wrap Designs Available at FCW

Wrap Designs abound at FCW; the one-stop-shop to wrap your car, boat, or yes even your walls in South Florida! One of the best things about wraps is all the crazy and amazing wrap designs that are only possible with wrapping, and not with painting! Wrapping is newer than paint, and a far more advanced way of restyling your car (and we think the better way). There’s several reasons why we feel this way, which should be obvious since we decided to open a wrap shop, and not a paint shop- BUT WHY?!?! If painting is still an option, why should anyone get their surfaces wrapped? Isn’t trusty ole paint still working its magic, don’t factories paint their cars, WHAT IS THIS WRAP MADNESS?! We get it, you’re wondering why on earth iff we had a perfectly good way to make style changes happen already, why reinvent the wheel? Well, there are tons of great reasons to choose one of our in-house wraps, or even implement custom wrap designs rather than using paint. Read on to find out more about how Fl Car Wrap can help you accomplish this with vinyl, instead of paint- and why!

‘Paint’ is great, don’t get us wrong. It’s been there for so long now, it’s found its way onto everything! We just know that there are other factors to consider besides the simple idea of ‘recoloring’ something. Paint flakes, drys, peels, cracks, and needs constant upkeep and attention. Additionally, paint is a semi-permanent decision. When you paint something, you would need to spend the same amount of time, money, and care to paint it again if you decide shortly afterward you aren’t so keen on the color or designs you chose. Wraps, especially custom wrap designs, offer a whole new level of personalization to your re-style choices!

This is because wraps are applied on top of your surfaces as they are. While with repainting you actually spend time removing the factory look of a car, or boat, and this is not something you can really go back from. Since the wrap exists over your surface as it is, not only are you not removing your original look- you’re protecting it! This is especially true of cars, our wraps will eat the impact of weather, road debris, and overall erosion instead of your car’s factory look.   The best part is you don’t have to settle for common or mainstream colors or designs. Not only do wraps already come in way more options than paint does without tons of work, trial, and error- but you can even work with us to create custom wrap designs! We have professional graphic artists on our team who want to help you bring your vision to life, and apply it to the look of your car, boat, or architecture!



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