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Wrap Design Professionals – FCW

Wrap Design Professionals – FCW

Florida Car Wrap is the sunshine State’s undisputed Wrap design professionals, just come on in and take a look!  We have been doing business in the South Florida area for many years now, and are the resident experts in the wrap industry. The amount of protection a wrap offers your vehicle far exceeds that of paint. additionally, when talking about the control you have over its appearance, nothing beats a wrap design custom made by you or one of our design times! Painting has traditionally been the method by which people restyle the color of the exterior of their cars and boats. However, painting has serious limitations that a wrap does not. furthermore, though it’s not totally impossible to have a custom paint job,  custom wraps that look exactly how you picture them in your mind are a much more attainable goal.

So why not paint? Options, options, options! Paintings options are super limited. You can only mix and match paint so many ways and get so many different kinds of colors and combinations. Paints good for brand new cars, but not so much for changing the car’s appearance after the fact. that’s because the paint is permanent, it requires you to get rid of your old look in favor of the new. A custom wrap design will provide you with an incredibly unique new look without sacrificing the OG color of your car, in fact, it will protect it! Also, while you may feel your newly painted car is worth more, removing the factory look can actually harm its resale value.

With a tailored wrap design provided by Florida car wrap, you aren’t making a permanent change. in fact, you are both changing the outward look of your vehicle or boat, and protecting its factory look. this is because a vinyl wrap is applied over the original factory paint of the car, which incidentally protects it from the elements like rain, debris, and UV light. With a wrap, the amount of color choices you have is nearly endless, stopped really only by the limits of your imagination.

Florida car wrap employees graphic designers, and our design team can help you come up with, or bring your own custom wraps to life! that personalized design, or flashy business logo you ant that really shows off the real you can now be a reality! If you’re considering a paint job for your car or boat, don’t jump the gun without talking to Florida Car Wrap!

For more information on how we can help you change the style of your marine vessel or land vehicle, come on in and say hi at our Weston location or give us a call at 954-261-8151.
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