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What is a Vehicle Wrap

What is a Vehicle Wrap?

Florida Car Wrap is your South Florida Source for Style! Today we answer “What is a Vehicle Wrap?”

A car wrap is a special type of  vinyl exterior adhesive print that is used for customizing vehicles. The process is very specific and requires high-end equipment and special skills. But the end result is well worth it! A custom paint job will never look as good as after it has been transformed into a work of art with professional car wrapping services. Awhile Paint has been around and served its purpose- its most certainly not the only or the best option,. Paint is a permeant choice and wrapping is a temporary style you can have easily removed later by the same Wrap Pros who applied it- Florida Car Wrap!

How Does a Car Wrap Work?

A car wrap is designed first, custom tailored to your design and style preferences but also measured to the specifications of your particular vehicle. The car wrap is then printed on vinyl canvas and cut precisely to the measurements we just mentioned. Afterwards it is then applied by professionals using the right tools to ensure a clean, flush, and perfect application!

Advantages of Car Wrapping

Improved visibility – If you have a beautiful custom car wrapped in a vibrant color, it is going to stand out like a breath of fresh air when it is parked next to a mundane, old-fashioned vehicle. This is because custom wrap jobs are known to feature a higher quality and noticeability than a typical generic painted  vehicle. Vehicle Wrap’s also  protect your cars original factory paint. Rather than replacing it with all new paint, the wrap is applied over the factory look of your car. Not only is a wrap non permanent, and not only does ity not damage your existing paint, but it actually protects it from the elements as the wrap will absorb any erosion and elemental damage that occurs.

A car wrap is a creative process that uses a vinyl, and the elements of design and engineering to bring life to a vehicles look. It is a form of creative, artistic decoration that can give your car a new lease of life. Whether it’s a cosmetic change or a transformation to the car’s entire appearance, a custom wrap job is a great way to brighten your car’s appearance and increase its value. Now that you know what a wrap is, give Florida Car Wrap a Call today!

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