Benefits Of A Car Wrap
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Benefits Of A Car Wrap

What Are The Benefits of A Car Wrap?

When it comes time to add some pizzazz to the look of your vehicle, don’t fall into the trap of thinking a paint job is your only option. Florida Car Wrap can help elevate the look of your four-wheeled friend with a custom, long-lasting, high-quality car wrap. Even if you may not initially think that it is the way to go for you, here are some benefits of a car wrap that may change your mind:


In contrast to the cost of a high-quality paint job, a car wrap is an affordable way to rejuvenate a car with an older paint job or protect the pristine paint on your new car. 

Application Time

Quite often, the time it takes to prepare your car and apply the wrap should be significantly less then it takes for a professional paint job. In most cases, your car should be prepped and wrapped in 2 to 3 days. This is assuming that your vehicle doesn’t have significant paint or body damage that needs to be repaired prior to installation.

Limitless Possibilities

Unlike traditional paint, your choice of aesthetics is limitless when it comes to car wraps. Solid colors, intricate patterns, carbon fiber, metallics, racing stripes, custom graphics and more. If you can imagine it, you can wrap a car with it! 


Even before car wraps became more mainstream for personal and recreational vehicles, businesses of all types realized the potential of the car wrap. They are an opportunity to showcase products and services in a unique and affordable new way. The days of old school car toppers and magnetic signs are over. Toppers are clunky and can limit where you drive your vehicle while magnets are not guaranteed to hold for long. Car wraps also offer more surface area to bring your design to life. The benefits of a car wrap for advertising now help millions of businesses spread their message and attract new customers.

Won’t Damage Your Paint

Wondering if a car wrap will damage your car’s paint? Well, the answer is no. If you use quality materials and have your wrap applied by a professional, there will be no damage to your paint job. In fact, a good car wrap and proper maintenance will actually help preserve and protect your paint from the harsh effects of sun and weather damage.


When quality materials are used in conjunction with proper installation and maintenance, your car wrap can last anywhere from 5 to 7 years. Your wrap will be a worthwhile investment for years to come. A few quick tips to help extend the life and vibrancy of your car wrap include:

  • Hand-washing your vehicle
  • Avoiding extended sun exposure
  • Start with a high-quality wrap from Florida Car Wrap!

Easily Removable

Another benefit of car wraps is that they are easily removable and replaceable. Paint jobs, even the best ones, can not keep up with people’s ever-evolving styles. Whether you want to change the way your car looks with a new design or remove your wrap completely, removal is a snap as long as the wrap has been properly maintained.


Although not the option that may first come to mind, the benefits of a car wrap are numerous and make it a great option for people looking to revamp their ride. Florida Car Wrap is dedicated to the art of car wrapping and ensures that you absolutely love the outcome.  Check out our gallery to see examples of our wrap work or contact Florida Car Wrap to begin your car wrapping journey!

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