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Architectural Vinyl Wraps, Custom wrap

Transforming Spaces with Architectural Vinyl Wraps

When you’re ready to redefine your architectural space, consider the transformative power of Architectural Vinyl Wraps. As a leading provider of luxury vinyl coverings, Florida Car Wrap champions these innovative solutions that bring a breath of fresh air to both new interiors and refurbishment projects.

The Beauty of Architectural Vinyl Wraps

Architectural Vinyl Wraps are a compelling choice for those seeking to create an impactful aesthetic without compromising on efficiency. With luxury vinyl coverings from 3M’s DI-NOC line, achieving the look and feel of authentic materials such as wood, metal, stone, leather, and various fabrics is within your reach.

These stunning vinyl wraps resemble natural materials and surfaces to an astonishing degree. But they aren’t just about appearances. Architectural Vinyl Wraps are a cost-effective and efficient solution for delivering the aesthetic appeal you desire.

Eco-Friendly and Time-Efficient

We are committed to providing environmentally-friendly solutions. DI-NOC vinyl wraps are not produced from trees or metal-bearing ores, making them a sustainable choice. Even more, they offer a non-PVC option that qualifies for LEED credit (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), reinforcing our commitment to sustainable practices.

Beyond their eco-friendliness, these wraps shine in their time efficiency. Whether you’re revamping an existing space or creating a brand new one, our vinyl wraps can be applied on-site to most substrates. Lightweight and self-adhering, they reduce labor and material costs compared to natural materials, without compromising aesthetics.

Safety, Durability, and Versatility

Aesthetics and efficiency are only parts of the equation. Safety and durability are integral to our Architectural Vinyl Wraps. Most carry a Class A fire rating, meaning they are highly resistant to fire. They’ve also passed rigorous testing, including the 1996 International Marine Organisation (IMO) FTP Code, demonstrating their suitability for diverse environments, including cruise ships and yachts.

With their uncanny resemblance to natural materials, DI-NOC vinyl wraps can seamlessly blend with real wood, metal, or stone. Use them to maintain a consistent aesthetic across diverse spaces – from ceilings to columns to walls, these wraps promise a harmonious blend of cost savings, speedy application, and durability.

An Array of Applications

Our Architectural Vinyl Wraps have been embraced by a broad spectrum of users. Architects, casinos, commercial contractors, education institutions, entertainment stadiums, gyms, healthcare facilities, hotels, interior designers, offices, public buildings, restaurants, residential builds, retail outlets, transportation companies, and yacht refurbishment projects have all benefited from the transformative power of our wraps.

Wrap Up Your Space Today

At Florida Car Wrap, we believe in the transformative power of Architectural Vinyl Wraps. Whether you’re looking to bring new life to an existing space or set the tone in a new one, these wraps offer a unique blend of aesthetics, efficiency, safety, and durability.

Ready to redefine your architectural space? Contact us today. Let’s work together to bring your vision to life with the power of Architectural Vinyl Wraps. Choose Florida Car Wrap, and let’s wrap up your space today!

Architectural Vinyl Wraps


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