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Ceramic Coating and Wraps

Ceramic Coating and Wraps

It’s no surprise that you already know the name Florida Car Wrap for Ceramic Coating and Wraps, we’re the best!

We’ve been providing high-quality vehicle wraps to the South Florida community for many years now. We’re known for our outstanding work!

Vinyl material ‘wraps’ your surfaces in addition to changing their color and appearance, helping you protect your investments by ‘wrapping’ them with 3M Vinyl Material. This material is far more versatile and long-lasting than paint. Since paint has to be removed from your surfaces in order to preserve the character of the classic design of your vehicle, vinyl does not. This means that if you ever want to sell your vehicle, you will retain the ‘off-the-lot’ look and value that comes with original paint. Over time, paint fades, cracks, scratches, and loses its luster, but a wrap will not.

Why should car wrap specialists and paint shops choose Ceramic Pro? It is the go-to ceramic coating product chosen by auto body specialists, wrap technicians, and paint stores. The NanoShine LTD company makes this impressive nano-ceramic liquid material that coats the vehicle’s surface after application. It coats the entire vinyl wrap or paint job surface because of the liquid’s ability to bind. Nano glass is created as a result of this process after which it provides a higher level of protection than paint. The hardness of the nano glass coating on the vehicle’s surface is above 9H. Can you guess the baseline level of protection painted surfaces offer? Paint is only able to provide a hardness level of 2-4H.

To ensure the safety of your vehicle and the protection of its finish, look after it regularly with cleaning and polish routines. Don’t spend so much time cleaning that that it keeps you from  admiring and enjoying it. With Ceramic Pro that’s an easy goal.  Cleaning and maintaining a vehicle coated with CeramicPro is much easier and more economical. The smooth and slick surface left by CeramicPro makes it harder for brake dust, dirt, or tar to adhere to the vehicle’s exterior. In addition to bringing out the depth and gloss in your current color, a CP application will enhance the gloss and depth of your color. A vinyl wrap will enhance the look of your car, if maintained well. By applying Ceramic Pro, you can ensure the safety of your vehicle’s finish and prolong its luster.

Keeping your vehicle clean and maintained is important, but what about the look of the paint or wrap, would ceramic protect the gloss of your wrap or paint? The answer is no, instead the color will appear deeper and glossier.  The slick and very slippery surface left by CeramicPro will make it harder for brake dust, dirt, or tar to stick to your vehicle’s exterior. Furthermore, CP would give the depth and gleam to your current color. To obtain a bleached and gleaming look, the look of your car would remain unmatched and would be achieved through proper maintenance. If you were not considering changing the look of your car by applying a vinyl wrap- Ceramic Pro would be the most effective way to keep your vehicle’s surface healthy.

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