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Ceramic Coated- Stronger and Protected!

Ceramic Coated- Stronger and Protected!

The best way to have your beautiful wrap or paint job protected is to get your car ceramic coated by the professionals at Florida Car Wrap! If your nto sure who we are, know were the number one provider of Vinyl wraps in South florida!

We like to think of ourselves as offering services that protect your automotive surfaces and exterior. Vinyl wraps are amazing not just for looks, but to aid you in protecting your investment in your vehicle by encasing the body in a tightly wrapped, high-quality 3M Vinyl Material. This material is designed to be stronger and more durable than paint which fades, cracks, scratches, and loses its luster. Additionally, the vinyl can be designed with a number of colors or graphics to customize the look of the vehicle, while preserving its factory look. Now, with ceramic coating- we are offering you another method of vehicle protection that can be used with both paints, and vinyl.

Ceramic Pro is the top recognized brand of ceramic products for coating on the market today. Ceramic Pro is a clear nano-ceramic liquid material made by the company NanoShine LTD. Ceramic Pro is applied to the vehicle and cured, resulting in a nano glass structure that is strong, and rigid. This substance offers an incredibly powerful layer of protection on the surface of your vehicle- with a hardness level above 9H. For reference, paint clearcoats on average have a hardness rating of only 2-4H. This means Ceramic Pro offers extreme protection for your vehicle’s surface against the elements and weathering. The substance is resistant to solvents, acids, alkalis, UV rays, and corrosion.

There are other great benefits to Ceramic Coating besides the protection factor. Firstly the sleek, slick surface created by CeramicPro will make it far more difficult for brake dust, dirt, or tar to stick to the surface of the vehicle. this makes cleaning and maintaining the vehicle a far easier and more rewarding task. The Coating brings out the depth and gloss in your current color. If the vehicle is maintained well, the look is uncomparable and will result in a gloss that shines for years. If you’re not considering changing the look of your car by applying a vinyl wrap- Ceramic Pro is the best investment you can make in protecting your vehicle’s surface.

Florida Car Wrap, now located in Weston Fl, employs a highly trained, friendly, and professional staff. For more information on Ceramic Coating or our vinyl wraps- don’t hesitate to give us a call or stop in. We do Boats too!

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