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FCW is known for wrapping cars and trucks using vinyl rather than paint, but were you aware that we can have your marine vessel wrapped? On the off chance you aren’t filled in- let’s talk a bit about what a wrap is and why it’s such a great option to have! Using super high-quality 3M partially adhesive vinyl material stretched tightly over your vehicle or vessel, you can have your whole vehicle recolored without a single drop of paint. That is what a wrap is. Commonly you’ll find that Vinyl wraps- or just “a wrap” for short- are used mostly on motor vehicles to recolor, restyle, and protect them. That last part is key, protection. See, wraps don’t just change the way your vehicle looks, they actually protect the factory paint and body from debris, erosion, scratches, the sun’s rays, and of course water! Like that one friend we all know, paint is there for you one minute and totally flaking the next! Paint dries, scratches chips, and is costly to repair. Not vinyl though, and when it comes time to sell, we can remove it for you revealing a clean, protected stock look underneath!

It’s easy to see why wraps blew up and now you can spot cars with wraps everywhere on the road. It’s not hard to imagine then, that boat owners would soon want the same awesome restyling options offered to their land-locked vehicles! Thats why we thought Marine Vessel Wraps were such an amazing idea! At our new location, Florida car wraps now offer top-quality professional Boat Wraps in Weston Florida! We work with restoring and restyling marine vessels of all shapes and sizes including Yachts, Tenders, Toys, Super Yachts, and yes- even Crusie Ships! Getting a Boat Wrap in Weston provides many of the same benefits it would to your cars such as protection for both the boat itself and the factory look. There is also serious advertising potential. If you want your company’s design plastered on the side of your vessel, Our team of Graphic designers will work with you to take any design ideas you have, enhance them, and bring them to life on your Boats Wrap!

It’s not hard to picture that painting a boat- presents certain problems that need to be accommodated for. Usually, boats, being int he water and all, aren’t in a good position to get painted. Wrapping a boat doesn’t present the same problems that painting does, but it isn’t without its own difficulties. Vinyl for wraps comes in a maximum size- which means on super large boats there may result in small visible seams where layers of the vinyl meet. Our clients come in knowing this, and they do so also knowing that we are the pros! This means our skill level with this process is so refined we are able to reduce visible seems with our Wraps in a way that blows other competition out the water. Pun most certainly intended! if you’re in the markets for Boat Wrap in Weston Florida, or anywhere in South Florida, call Florida car wrap today to schedule an appointment!

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