Boat Wraps

Boat Wraps by the Pros in South Florida

Boat Wraps by the Pros in South Florida

Florida Car Wrap or Florida Boat Wrap? No, Our name didn’t change, but we are now offering boat wraps at our Weston wrap shop! Maybe we should slow down a bit and explains what a wrap even is! It kinda hard to be excited about the new something, if you’re not even sure what the first something was!

Wrapping is a process that’s used to restyle and recolor the surfaced of something, mostly cars, rather than painting them. Like we said our name is Florida CAR wrap, wrapping cars is what we do best! There are plenty of benefits to wrapping over paint which becomes obvious once you wrap! You will quickly realize that not only does a wrap give you the chance to decide the look of your vehicle, but it actually protects and defends the original stock look at the same time! Unlike paint which flakes, dries, chips and has to be removed in favor of another paint Wraps are applied right over your vehicle’s existing coat! Not only can we apply the wrap for you, but when it comes time to sell the vehicle- we can remove it professionally revealing an unmodified, well-protected stock car underneath!

Unlike paint, wraps give you O P T I O N S.. With vehicle wraps becoming so popular it wasn’t long before Boat Wraps became a thing as well, and here at Fl Car Wraps, we offer the best Boat Wrapping service in all of South Florida! We offer new installations and refurbishment services on all kinds of Boats! This includes but is not limited to Yachts, Tenders, Toys, Super Yachts, and yes- even Crusie Ships! Like Vehicle wrapping, boat wrapping provides its own benefits- besides protecting the hull of your ship. Think of the advertising potential! If you want your company’s design plastered on the side of your vessel, Our team of Graphic designers will work with you to take any design ideas you have, enhance them, and bring them to life on your Boats Wrap!

Keep in mind Painting boats presents its own difficulties compared to painting cars, and wrapping is no different. Wraps only come in so many sizes, and because of this wrapping very very large boats have certain limitations that usually result in small visible seams where multiple vinyl cuts meet. Not only do our clients understand this concept, but our work shows them that we can reduce the visibility of these unavoidable seems like no other Wrapping service can! if you’re looking into  Boat Wraps, look no further than South Florid Car Wrap, now at our new Location in Weston FL! Call today!

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