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Painting or Wrapping

Painting or Wrapping?

When it comes to car aesthetic design, which method is better- Painting or Wrapping? Florida Car Wrap Answers!

Wrapping a vehicle is an excellent way to upgrade its look from stock- but wait what about painting isn’t that hoe we change the look of our cars? Lets talk bout that. Painting has been around forever, and with good reason Florida Car wrap doesn’t want to insult your awesome paten job if that’s the route you went, nor do we want to knock the many auto manufacturers on their stock paint choices! Paint ha sits place, in fact its likely and probably most cars would end up in a junkyard without paint!

Form the factory, your car is painted to protect its metal and prevent rust. But what happens when you want to change the color or look of the outside of your car? Well if you paint it, that is an option, but Florida car wrap highly suggests you consider wrapping it instead. What’s the difference, painting or wrapping – how does one choose?

Well painting certainly is a good option if you want to permanently change your cars look and neve relook back. That’s because repainting requires sanding and removal of the original paint the car came with (or whatever its most recent paten job was). After sanding the new paint is applied and this process takes time, effort, and expense!

Like We said, Florida Car Wrap is not against paint, its needed to protect your cars metal. Rather we ask “why get rid of your cars factory paint to change its look, isn’t there another way?” There is! That is wrapping!

Wrapping is the process of applying a custom cut, specially adhesive 3m Vinyl wrap to the exterior of your car. Not only is the wrap cut to specifications, but it is custom designed to look how you want! This isn’t just a color thing but we have to say, the amount of colors available in vinyl as compared to how difficult it is to mix paint to find the perfect color is just staggering.

Color customization isn’t the only option, we can quite literally put any image, any text, any font, anything you want on a wrap. Wraps not nobly look incredible designed to your exact desires but they go on top of your car’s existing paint! That means that your car can maintain its factory paint, get a new look, remain protected, and ensure its repainting doesn’t happen thus potentially reducing its resale value later down the line. Florida Car Wrap is the best!

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