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Ceramic Coat

What is a Ceramic Coat, and why should you apply one to your vehicle’s high quality exterior wrap from Florida Car Wrap?

The Ceramic Pro coating is regarded as the finest ceramic coating product for use on vehicle wrap products by many! The Ceramic Pro coating is a great investment if you have Vinyl Wraps on vehicles like FCW. It’s an investment you’ll be happy you made! Florida Car Wrap provides vehicle wrapping services from our facility in Weston, Florida. Their clients from all over the southwestern sunshine coast come to us directly because of the work we do. We are the premier spot for Florida Car Wrap! As well, you can use Ceramic Pro to protect your wrap and keep it looking fantastic!

A wrap protects the original appearance of a vehicle’s paint job, unlike a paint job, which is left untouched by the wrap. The wrap, applied on top of the stock paint job, provides a restyling of the look as well as protection from the elements.

What makes ceramic pro even better is a second layer of defensive power! The incredible defensive coating is a clear nanoceramic liquid material created by NanoShine LTD. The coating is applied to the vehicle’s paint using the product. It coats the vehicle’s entire vinyl-wrap or paint job surface, providing extreme protection against the elements and weathering. The layer created by ceramic pro provides protection rated at 9H in hardness, which is as hard as paint. Ceramic pro is resistant to all kinds of chemicals, acids, alkalis, UV rays, and corrosion.

The aesthetic enhancing properties of Ceramic Pro are not just for looks, they are also functional in nature. Coating your vehicle with Ceramic Pro is much easier because the extremely slick and smooth surface it leaves behind will make it harder for brake dust, dirt, or tar to attach to your vehicle’s exterior. It also brings out the depth and gloss in your current color. If you maintain your vehicle well, the appearance will be unrivalled and will result in a brightness that shines for years and will retain the vehicle’s original color. If you do not apply a vinyl wrap to protect your vehicle’s surface, Ceramic Pro is the best investment you can make to protect it.

Florida Car Wrap is South Florida #1 Place to get your vehicle restyled, and protected now featuring A ceramic Coat with super compound- Ceramic Pro!

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